“Her:dentity is a must-attend event for every woman who is feeling lost. With Carrie’s support and guidance, I stripped back the layers of myself that were no longer serving me and emerged with a new sense of identity. I now have a clear picture of the woman I want to step into being. An epic event!”

Angie S.

“Even if you think you know “who you are”, there’s more beneath the surface to be discovered. Her.dentity goes deeper, into your soul, and helps you discover what you didn’t know was possible. The tools you are given to process who “you truly are meant to be” are irreplaceable. Don’t let this opportunity go by. We all need to discover our true Her:dentity.”

Lisa Drapluk

” I came to Her:Dentity feeling the pull of personal transformation on a level I’ve never felt before. I felt every aspect of who I’ve been up to this point in my life was shifting and I was grieving losing so much of myself while not knowing who it is I was meant to become. During the event I was able to tap into who the woman is that I am becoming. What she looks like, feels like, thinks like – her entire being. I left with the starting action steps for that transformation process and a much clearer connection to the woman I am becoming.” 

Kaitlin Kurfman

” I truly believe that we all hold what we need to be fulfilled and happy within ourselves. Her:Dentity allowed me to once again see this and create tools to bring me back to this path “

Tammy Montefinese

“Carrie’s approach to helping women find HER is mindblowing. When I went through HERdentity, I started the weekend lost, confused, ashamed, and didn’t think I’d ever know who I was. Within the first real session, change happened. The process from start to finish ignited my soul and helped me realize that I held the power to create HER if I just allowed her methods to resonate through me. If you put in the work, you won’t walk away the same woman. You will level up.”

Rachelle Lancaster





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