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TheWoman behind the M ovement

When I created UWP I knew that it had to be something so much more for women than your average coaching group.

As a woman who has seen dark days and challenges I had always resisted joining groups of women because I never felt like it was a fit for me. Most of the women who were in groups that I joined didn’t so much want to grow and evolve but rather they wanted to remain stuck, victims of their past and the present circumstances.

They wanted to blame, point fingers, complain and wallow in their state. I wanted more. I created more and then I KNEW that I needed to bring this gift to other women worldwide who were suffering.

This year marks the 5th anniversary of UWP and it is time for expansion and an even bigger ripple that is going to be felt by women around the world

The Unstoppable Woman Project has one core value that will never change,  “No Woman Gets Left Behind” and this is why the 12 month membership program has transformed this year beyond what most can even believe to be true. The 12 month journey of becoming a member of The Unstoppable Woman Project will change your life in more ways than one.

A community of women around the globe who not only want more but strive for more. In UWP we laugh together, cry together, we just simply do life together.

The women of UWP have come to realize that they are all more the same than they are different and I pride myself on creating a community of safety, belonging, and zero judgement for ALL ladies to grow.